So it can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that we have been getting some good weather recently (touch wood!) and people in general seem happier.

As I was driving home from work, with an old CD in the stereo and the sun lighting my face, I couldn’t help but smile :) At that moment in time not much else mattered! The rare moment when your head is clear and everything is forgotten…it was bliss.

I often feel that we get so tied up in our day to day lives and hectic schedules that we never get a moment to appreciate some of the most beautiful things in life. At the risk of sounding all green tea and organic foods, some of the finer things in life, like the pinky sun peeking out from behind the tall buildings, or the beautiful flower petals littering the floor. Sounds very poetic I know! But I just feel that if we spent more time noticing these things and less time complaining about the length of the line in Starbucks, we’d all be a tad happier!

Also, I think that old CDs play a part in putting a smile on your face as they remind of happier and simpler times. Or is it the sun that reminds us of those family holidays away? So is it the good music and the sunshine or the memories associated with them? So much for simpler times!

So I ask does good music + sunshine = a happier life?