Ok so I recently joined Slimming World after failing at every other diet on the planet! I thought I’d write up and share my experiences so far! I know I’m not a svelte size 10 yet, or anywhere near my goal weight for that matter but I think sharing is caring:) Besides, one of the biggest aspects that I like about the group is discussing your obstacles, and offering solutions. I have always believed that it’s the little changes that make a difference!

A brief overview to how it works:
I am on an extra easy plan whereby I can eat unlimited superfree and free foods! Then you choose one thing from the a list and one from the b list. Then on top of all that, you get to have between 5-15 syns! That’s about it!

So far I have:

  • kept cut fruit in the fridge
  • substituted tomato ketchup for passata (free as opposed to a syn per tablespoon!)
  • taken the stairs at work (nothing to do with the lift not working!)
  • started eating breakfast
  • had a 6″ veggie delite subway (superfree + a & b choices!)
  • tried to have a fruit with every meal
  • lost 3.5lbs (in two weeks)
  • completed a daily food diary

My weight loss is not amazing so far but I am definitely happy as I am the definition of a yo yo dieter! I never stay the same weight! And every pound off is an achievement! Well, now I am showing some progress, I am going to keep going and will definitely keep you guys updated!

One of the most convenient accompaniments to my meals is a can of boiled potatoes, dressed with salt, pepper and paprika! It’s tasty and more importantly…it’s free!

In the group, we all discussed that around 4/5pm is the hardest time as we walk into the door from work and pick up the first thing that we can see. The best thing that I have found at this time, is to get two weetabixs (b choice), top with a mountain of fruit (mainly superfree), add fat free natural yoghurt (free) and one heaped tablespoon of honey (1 syn!) It’s scrummy, fills a hole, quick and definitely filling!

Feel free to post any of your favourite tips or recipes below:)