On my daily commute to work I see many different cyclists. I don’t normally notice them but while I try to be fair and not keep overtaking them, I feel that it is sometimes the safest option.

I’ve been told that I drive uber slow, but the second I start to speed I can feel my car start to dance under my hands and I get terrified of losing control. Also, since I’ve passed, I’ve had it drummed into me that for one careful driver, there are ten idiot drivers. My definition of an idiot driver may be different to the guy at the next traffic light (sorry!) but I think we can all agree that idiot drivers are nothing but selfish and careless!

Anyway I digress, as I was waiting at the traffic light trying to find Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ on my CD I noticed a cyclist jump a red light. I was shocked as I’d never seen that before. Surely that was dangerous?

So I drove on to the next traffic light and saw three more cyclist do the same thing. From that day onwards, I noticed it happening every single day. Now I don’t know whether there’s a law that say that the cyclists can or can’t ignore the road rules but I for one don’t think that it’s fair. In a way the cyclists get the benefits of both the pedestrians and motorists. They get to travel fast and avoid traffic.

So, I ask…should cyclists be allowed to get away with jumping the lights?