So I know it’s not Ramadhan anymore, even Shawwal has passed us by but this post is something very close to my heart. Ramadhan is a beautiful month when everything seems better. Patience is a virtue bestowed upon even the most impatience of people, tranquility is instilled in even the most short-tempered of people, and food is fed into even the most poorest mouths.

in sha Allah may Allah SWT help us strenghten our Imaan, and reward my beautiful mother for feeding us always . Ameen

Our Ramadhan Food Diary:

Day 1: pizza
Day 2: fish fingers, chips and beans
Day 3: chicken wraps and wedges
Day 4: sweet and sour paneer, black bean stir fry, prawn crackers and hash browns
Day 5: lamb curry and chappatis
Day 6: prawn curry and chappatis
Day 7: [takeaway]
Day 8: bhel chaat
Day 9: chicken pasty, chips & beans
Day 10: enchiladas and chips
Day 11: donner and chips
Day 12: donner and mince pattis
Day 13: pasta bake and garlic bread
Day 14: hash browns, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and egg
Day 15: chicken, chips and salad
Day 16: chicken sandwiches
Day 17: lamb burgers and chips
Day 18: [takeaway]
Day 19: fish fingers and chips
Day 20: chicken curry and paratha
Day 21: fish pie and chips
Day 22: pizza, onion rings, sweetcorn and potato skins
Day 23: chicken burgers and chips
Day 24: shepherds pie, mixed vegetables and chips
Day 25: [takeaway]
Day 26: lasagne, salad and roast potatoes
Day 27: jacket potatoes, beans, sweetcorn
Day 28: fish fingers and chips
Day 29: pizza

Ok, so some of the above was made by me, but the majority was made by my mum:) Being in the kitchen at any time of the year can be trying, but during the month of Ramadhan it is harder. The heat, the food and the apprehension. When I cooked during the month of Ramadhan, I was even more anxious as to how it would taste. Alhamduliliah I didn’t have many kitchen catastrophes.

What I want to carry on:

So in Ramadhan we all try to pick up extra good habits and try to do a bit more. So here’s a list of changes I would love to make all year around:

  • Remain calmer and not get angry,
  • Give more frequently to charity,
  • Pray my Quran everyday
  • Eat in moderation

in sha Allah may Allah SWT help me follow these through. Ameen