The aim of this blog is for me to have a place to voice my experiences and anything else that I want to talk about! The posts are all random and written due to whatever is going through my mind at that particular moment. If you would like me to write up on any topic, feel free to let me know! All the opinions stated here are my own!

As for the Islamic posts, I have tried my utmost best to ensure that the sources are valid, and also to ensure that I myself follow the examples of the Sahabahs, however, nobody is perfect…with that said, I also strive to follow the information in my posts and lead by example. I just felt the need to clarify this so I don’t sound hypocritical :)! Also, some of my posts are a collaboration of things that I have found 🙂 so Jazakallah Khair to those sources and may Allah (SWT) bless them for sharing their knowledge. Ameen.

Thank you for visiting my blog…enjoy!