So, I was indulging in yet another delicious cookie dough, when I felt something rock solid in my mouth. Thinking it was molten chocolate, as you do, I tried to bite into it and I couldn’t. I turned to my husband and said I think there’s a rock in my food. Anyways, I popped it into a tissue and carried on eating. It was only when I had finished and was doing that lick your teeth with your tongue and saviour the taste thing, surely I can’t be the only one? That I felt a hole in my tooth. Alarmed, I was like babe, it’s my filling.

Now there is never a good time to lose a filling, except maybe when you’re in a dental chair?! But it’s definitely not ideal when we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, and the dentist I’m registered at is 85 miles away – plus all local dentists are not taking new patients! I called 111 to get some advice, as chewing on one side was hurting my mouth, and some sharper food was poking my gum causing me to bleed. They asked a few questions and deemed me not urgent. They then recommended a diy kit from the pharmacy.

I hopped onto Amazon and brought the above after some research, Dentek Temparin Max, and it’s been one of the best purchases of 2020. It comes in a teeny tube with a spatula, quite easy to apply and lasts a while – my longest was three weeks, shortest was a few hours (don’t think I applied it properly that time!) you just scoop out a little amount, roll it into a ball between your thumb and index finger (clean hands please!) and pop it in – use the pointy end of the spatula to secure it and ensure you can bite down properly. I noticed that some of the longest times it held was when I did it just before sleeping – it had overnight to solidify. It’s like epoxy filler for your tooth! Probably worth mentioning that you should brush and ensure that there are no food particles before application.

I would recommend this product and would rate it 4/5!