Activated by water and specially textured to break up visible and invisible residues, these cloths act as a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, hydrator and makeup remover all in one.

I can honestly say I have several (loads and loads) of lazy days when it comes to my skincare routine. I am always on the lookout for quick things that work well. That is why I was super excited when I received my Olay Daily Facials starter kit. Having used a similar product before it was discontinued, I had high hopes for this one.


For those of you who are unsure of how it works, you have to run the cloth under a running tap which releases the soapy cleanser. You then run it over your face, rinse out the cloth and use it to wipe the suds off. Et voila!


The first thing that stuck out to me was how unperfumed (let’s assume that’s a word!) they smelt! They didn’t smell too strong which often products do, giving away their complex composition of every chemical under the sun. Instead, these smelt light and delicate. Upon first use, they removed my makeup amazingly well, even the stubborn mascara, without causing any aggravation to my sensitive skin.


Being wedding season, and attending a series of four day events consecutively, with heavy makeup (think wispy lashes and thick winged liner) I thought these cloths would be perfect. I popped them into my suitcase and upon arriving at Premier Inn, in the dark and gloomy hours, when I had nothing on my mind but climbing into the comfy bed and dreaming of a cooked breakfast the next day(yum!)…, I decided to give these a go.


To be fair, I was so tired that I wasn’t being overly pedantic about removing every single bit of my makeup. Let’s face it, lashes look amazing (when applied correctly) but the glue can be hard work to remove (sigh!) Anyways, I digress, these handy little wash cloths removed the majority of my makeup with the most minimal effort ever. Obviously, I did have specks of eye makeup that needed some oil but other than those, most of it was gone!


I was anticipating waking up to my face transferred onto the crisp white pillows but there wasn’t even a smudge. The best part of these? They take up the tiniest amount of space in the suitcase so I didn’t need my toner, wipes, cotton wool, oil, moisturiser and cleanser. These along with some oil-based product (I used Lush’s Ultrabland) would do the trick!


I will be repurchasing these and will definitely take some with me to my upcoming honeymoon (Alhamdullilah) šŸ˜‰