Alongside the Nioxin Diaboost Project, I was fortunate enough to also be a part of the Ariel 3in1 project. Now, in our house we swear by Bold so it will take a great deal to get us to switch to anything else:) Nevertheless, we were all really excited when the doorbell rang and I unleashed these pods! Once again, the Savvy Circle team excelled in the packaging and the starter kit. I was very delighted to see not one but ten samples for me to hand out.

IMG_6436As my darling mother is the sole clothes washer in our house, I handed over the pods and asked her to let me know when she switches to them so I can do my research. Unfortunately, my mother isn’t very good at following instructions, and insisted that one pod isn’t enough for a full load. I beg to differ, but I guess I’ll never know! So, once mum switched over to these pods, our clothes looked a lot brighter, smelt nicer and the stains were effectively lifted. However, myself and my sisters also began to get itchy skin. I genuinely believe that this is not an indication of the product, but of the sensitivity of our skin. I would recommend these pods to everyone. They certainly do what they claim to:)IMG_6434

These Ariel 3in1 pods leave all the laundry feeling soft and smelling gorgeously clean.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t purchase these due to the reaction myself and my family had to them, however, I’d encourage everybody to give them a go!

Ariel 3in1 Pods (38 Washes) available for £9-£12.50

Asda – £9

Tesco – £12.50

Sainsburys – £12.50

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*prices correct on the day of publishing