I know what you’re thinking….the post is four years late *facepalm* but there were some gems in here that I just had to blog about.

So the contents of the box were worth £84.00 but they were selling the collection for £40, a steal considering it contained:

Natural Lip Roll On Orange 10ml
This lip roll on was nice and moisturing and felt like a thin layer of an orange scented oil. It was nice and shiny so could be used as a lip gloss without the stickiness we all know and love:)

Duo Body Butter Sweet Pea 200ml
This Duo Body butter had a delicate sweet pea fragrance without being overly scented. It’s split into two – one for dry skin and one for normal skin. This is particularly good for people with combination skin with areas of both dry skin. This was also used just before bed as it was quite thick, and the normal body butter was used all over and then reinforced the dry or sensitive areas (underarms, elbows, knees…you get my drift) with the dry side of the tub. A harmonious ying yang for optimum moisturising.

Lemon Body Butter 200ml
There’s no such thing as too much body butter right? This one smelt good enough to eat and the light refreshing smell of lemon makes it perfect for summer. Plus lemon is a natural skin whitener, so bonus when you want to get rid of some of that tan. This was the thinnest in consistency out of the three and as a body butter fiend was already on my favourites prior to purchasing the collection. This was true to the butter part and did literally melt and glide on when applying.

Moisture Hair Butter 50ml
This Rainforest moisture mask was something I was intrigued about as I hadn’t tried many hair masks at the time of purchase. This mask is the reason I have now tried a few. It left my hair sleek and soft and smelling gorgeous. It was suitable for frequent use and felt really natural and not artificial like some hair masks I have come across. I was a bit disappointed when I purchased the bigger tub of the hair mask for coloured hair as it didn’t quite live up to the same standard.

Vitamin E Face Mist 100ml
This was also one of my favourites from this collection. The Vitamin E range is a favourite of mine so this mist also intrigued me as I wouldn’t normally pick up a facial mist in store. This mist kept me feeling refreshed, worked as a great base for dewy foundation looks and the best thing? I’ve kept the spray bottle which now houses rosewater which I use for the same purpose. The spray bottle is the perfect size as it can be taken on aircrafts for a quick touch up when flying. Also let’s face it…it’s low maintenance, a few spritzes and you’re ready to go!

Vitamin E Moisture Mask 100ml
This was probably one of my favourite products out of the whole collection and I definitely went on to buying several more of this and the rest of the Vitamin E range. You could almost feel the moisture sinking into your skin without that greasy clogged up feeling that you get with some masks. The whole range smells amazing and works wonders on the skin. I also purchased the night cream from the same range which was also awesome!

Love Etc…™Body Butter 200ml
This body butter was a refreshing change from the others due to the fact that it wasn’t heavily scented and was thick which was perfect for winter when dry skin needs some extra TLC. Due to how many body butters were in the box, I did save this one for the colder seasons, and it was perfect at night or straight out of the shower.

Natural Lips Roll On Mint 10ml
This lip roll on was nice and moisturing and felt like a thin layer of a mint scented oil. It was nice and shiny so could be used as a lip gloss without the stickiness we all know and love:) I preferred this one over the orange as it left a lovely slight tingle and smelt like a refreshing mouth wash.

Extra Virgin Minerals™ Liquid Foundation – Natural Beige 28ml
I’m normally dubious when it comes to trailing foundations that I haven’t especially selected because I just know that the shade will be wrong. This foundation, however, did not disappoint, granted it was a few shades too light for me, however the formula was concocted in such a way that it glided on and sank in well. After the initial use, I resorted to using it as a concealer as the coverage was great too.

Re-usable “Strawberry Heart” FSC Box
This box smelt fantastically strawberry and even four years later the scent still lingers. Only downside is that anything you put in this box will end up adopting the smell, something I learn the hard way when I sipped into a very pungent smelling strawberry cup of tea.

So there you have it, I would definitely purchase another one of these bundle boxes as it’s a great opportunity to try products you wouldn’t necessarily pick up and amazing value as all the products are full-sized!