Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!

So recently I blogged about The Pendulum of Happiness, and concluded with nothing in this world being permanent. So if nothing is permanent, and it’s human nature to want and hope for certain things, and we know our fate is already written, therefore is it a sin to be happy? Does this mean that you are doubting Allah swt’s plan? Is being sad a sign of weak faith?

There are days where I fight an inner battle, a battle to get out of bed and be me. This is exhausting, but I keep telling myself, what other choice do I have? Should I resort to being a vegetable and just waiting for life to pass me by? Should I be pushing myself out of my comfort zone? Can I just “snap out of it”? What is the textbook solution? What is the right answer?

Well, I think it’s ok to be, just as it’s ok to be happy. But it’s not ok to let the sadness define you. It’s not ok to become that person that you become when you’re sad and lose your true self. Just as we shouldn’t get complacent when we are Alhamdullilah blessed with whatever it is we ask for, we should keep being grateful. In times of sadness, we should try our utmost best to still say Alhamdullilah, still be grateful but most importantly never lose hope. Hope is the one thing that allows us to muster up the strength to carry on.

Don’t let Shaitan take advantage of your vulnerable state and make you question your faith or your worth. Try not to let yourself get isolated, as much as you may want to say in a dark room alone, sometimes the act of putting on a brave face around loved ones will soon be there to say. Your brave face will no longer be a mask and it’ll no longer be an act because you will have bounced back.

Some people say “oh well maybe it wasn’t good for you.” It could well be that Allah swt is saving us from an affliction, it could be that He’s waiting for the right time to gift us, it could be that He wants us to learn a lesson. I know all of this and I would say the same to a friend in distress, but what people have to realise is that it’s not as easy as switching your feelings off or snapping out of something – healing takes time so please don’t rush your heart.

It’s easy to let something that hurt you so bad define you, and sometimes you might not fully get over an event or a person. I think that’s ok, it’s ok to be you. It’s OK to be sad. It’s OK to ride it out because remember…tomorrow is another day and in sha Allah that day could bring your miracle that you have been waiting for.

I humbly request your duas and hope that Allah swt blesses both myself and you with all that our heart desires.