Hi Guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged (I’m aware I say that in pretty much most blogs!) but I’ve been super duper busy hence the silence. Anyways, I had a few minutes to spare and as it is wedding season I thought I’d share my top tips for being the perfect guest!

Tip 1: Be organised!

Asian weddings often never run on time and the run up ends up being one big blur of last minute errands for bangles or socks and the like! Make a list of things you need for each event and tick them off as you go. I find it extremely helpful to have an empty bag/suitcase which I can chuck things into and then neatly pack when needed. A lot of things you won’t use on a day to day basis like your shimmery heels or vivid eyeshadows so pack them away to lessen the chance of forgetting them.

Tip 2: Compartmentalise!

As I mentioned above, there are likely to be more than one event so your best bet is to pack everything in order that you need it or grouped by event. In my elder sister’s wedding I kept a labelled shoe box for each event with all my jewellery, spare hair accessories and the necessities. This meant that rather than rummaging through my bags, making a mess and risking my oh so special eyeshadows by throwing them, I was able to grab the shoebox and was ready to go. Another great way of transporting set bangles is to put carrier bag handles, washing line, rope or even a lanyard which will keep them in order and ready to slide on!

Tip 3: Plan for the worse…because let’s face it, they often occur!

Most of my family weddings happen far from home which means I have to plan for every possible outcome. I take alternative shoes (mainly flats) in case my heels break or my feet refuse to move in them, extra contact lens solution in case my primary one spills or gets lost. I also pack my strongest toner, Immodium, Piriton, Gaviscon, green tea and peppermint tea because lets face it, a series of late nights, early mornings and mass produced wedding food can and will play havoc with your skin and stomach. I also pack extra safety pins, hijab pins, mints, cotton buds, wipes and toothbrushes because you never know! Also prepare for extreme weather by keeping a shawl/cardigan/coat in the car.

Tip 4: Reuse and reuse again

Heavy asian outfits are not cheap, nor are they something you can wear on a daily basis therefore be super smart and reuse outfits in another wedding. Reuse bangles (especially thick gold and silver ones) between each function. Reuse your eyelashes, heels, hijabs, rings, accessories, hair pieces and make sure you get the most of your hard-earned cash!

Tip 5: Be generous with the gifting!

Asian weddings are far from cheap so don’t be stingy and gift a fiver – that’s almost insulting. A fiver would probably not even cover the meal you ate so be practical and think about how many events you’ve been invited to before deciding on gifts. It’s also always nice to bring the mum of the bride some sweet treats or flowers in the mendhi ceremony.

 Tip 6: Go with the flow and have fun!

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the program so that you are aware of the timings and running of the day. Make sure you immerse yourself in the culture and try all the delicious snacks you’re offered, sign the guest book, snapchat away and join the family on the dance floor. Do remember to be polite and refrain from taking photos if the bride and groom have specifically asked for them not to be taken. Furthermore, respect the family’s wishes by adhering to the seating plan, staying quiet during religious ceremonies, not dominating the dancefloor and don’t kick up a fuss for no reason, or for any reason! Be sure to thank the bride and groom and the family for their hospitality 🙂

If you can think of any other tips than feel free to leave them in the comments below!