513 So whilst shopping for a decent eyebrow kit, I became frustrated and resorted to purchasing the above MUA matte eyeshadow. Every eyebrow kit seemed to have wax and a highlighter shade which I’d never use. I find that the wax makes my eyebrows look drawn on by fixing them rigidly into place, and the concealer/highlighter is always the appropriate shade for anyone with a porcelain skin tone, not a touch darker.

I was after something simple, long-lasting and easy to apply. This eyeshadow definitely ticks all of those boxes! For a humble £1 from Superdrug, this eyeshadow is a steal. It is highly pigmented for the brows, looks natural and stays on all day.

Whilst the pros definitely outweigh the cons, the biggest downfall with this eyeshadow is that out of all three I’ve bought, all three have smashed at some point. This is not down to my clumsiness, but the eyeshadow itself. However, when this happens, it is still useable as a loose powder.514

I normally apply the product with an angled brush, outlining the brows in the centre and slowly filling them in, in the direction of the natural hair growth. I would definitely recommend eyebrow filling with a matte eyeshadow 🙂