I can’t believe it’s been exactly a year and three days since I last posted, so much for keeping up with the blog! I have loads of ideas that I jot down that I’d like to blog about but I never get time to sit and type away 🙁

Anyways, first and foremost I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Ramadhan 🙂 May Allah SWT accept all our fasts and Dhikr.

Onto the actual post, after watching endless videos on YouTube and being in awe of the perfect drapes that Amena always has in her pictures and videos (Masha’Allah) I decided to bite the bullet and order the basic hoojab. The reason I ordered the basic hoojab was 1) I couldn’t’ justify spending any more than I absolutely had to to satisfy my curiosity and 2) I just didn’t know the difference between the various hoojabs at the time.

I placed the order which was £8.49 for the hoojab and £2.95 for delivery. If I remember correctly (it was nearly 2 years ago!) there was a 10% off sale which had prompted me to place my order. I ordered two hoojabs at the same time to save on delivery, one was for my sister.

Alhamdullilah the package came two days later so needless to say the delivery was super prompt. I was really excited when I first held the package, eagerly but carefully ripping open the wrapping. I think my excitement was quickly overshadowed by disappointment of “is that it?” It was effectively 2 pashminas shown together with a hood. Bearing in mind that shorter, wider versions of the pashminas could be purchased for £1, I did feel a little ripped off.

Nevertheless, I wore it to work the next day, eager for a change from my usual hijab style. Initially when I first put it on, it felt quite heavy as there was a lot of overlapping material. I was however pleasantly surprised at the way the end result looked. The main highlight for me was, and still is the fact that the hoojab is generally quite low maintenance. Once carefully pinned into place it stayed in place the entire day. That was a rarity for me as my usual hijab style often needs fixing up at some point of the day.

So after the first outing with my hoojab, I tried to wear it a handful of times until it settled into my wardrobe not to be touched for a few months. One of my main gripes with the hoojab was the lack of coverage. At the back you had virtually no coverage, I usually opt for a slight triangle with my normal hijab to provide full neck coverage. At the front, whilst you cold tailor the material to be longer and therefore cover more of your chest, the thin width meant that sometimes the layers would come apart, exposing the material of your top or the skin of your neck. Now I know some people would say why don’t you wear a ninja style underscarf for full coverage? Simply because I am a person that gets hot very quickly so I avoid layering up on my neck.

A couple of months after my hoojab had taken hostage at the back of my wardrobe, no doubt collecting dust, my sister had a wardrobe clear out. She had worn her hoojab even less than I had and offered it to me as she wasn’t going to wear it any more. She liked her normal hijab style and didn’t think the hoojab style suited her (I beg to differ!) Anyways, now the owner of two hoojabs I thought I’d give it another go.

The hoojab is now my go-to hijab when I am running low on time in the morning (when the damn point on my normal hijab just doesn’t come out – if you know, you know!) but I have to be very careful that I am wearing a high neck top or a cardigan that will compensate for the lack of coverage.

All in all, I wouldn’t necessary flock to re-purchase the hoojab as my current one has holes and bobbles with this little wear, I don’t think it’d last very long if I wore it every day. However, I don’t regret my purchase as I have satisfied my curiosity and can rock the drapes of my own some days!