Dear Apple,

I sincerely apologise for all the bad things I have said about you during my time of difficulty.

Ok, if you’re having the same problem that I was a couple of days ago…and you are frustrated from reading endless useless forum posts, read on! So a couple of weeks ago, I noticed my pictures on my iPhone 4 were duplicated. After following the usual procedure, I plugged the phone into my laptop and synced them as normal. I often don’t have time to wait around for my phone to sync the 6000+ photos I have selected, so I set it up and proceeded to bed. Anyways, in the morning, everything looked ok, no error messages so I unplugged the phone and shut down my laptop. 

I then noticed that some of the pictures that I had selected were not on my phone. What was I meant to post on Instagram now (please note that was the least of my worries!)?! I then retried the syncing process, again and again and again and again. And yet again. I even sat there and watched the progress bar as it moved through the syncing process. Nothing seemed to do the trick, I removed then re-installed iTunes, I checked for updates, I removed any trace of Apple products from my laptop, I deleted the iPod Photo Cache…all to no avail.

Long story short, I tried a different cable…purely out of frustration due to nothing else working and hey pronto! It worked! It all synced very quickly like it originally did, and all was good with my iPhone again. Sorry Apple for all the expletives I have muttered at my laptop when it was a dodgy cable all along!

Love always x