Seeing as I have THE worst luck on the entire planet when it comes to cars, I was thrilled to be a part of a car related project on the oh-so-lovely Savvy Circle.

DSC00552Everyone that knows me will know just how bad my experiences with my cars is. So, not so long ago…my latest problem consisted of a highly mouldy car. I had to have the car stripped and then the entire insides washed and smoked. This was such a massive headache, not to mention a heartbreak 🙁 anyways after several months both me and my car were back on the road!DSC00559 BUT, the car never smelt ‘normal’ again. Before having my car smoked (the car washer man stuck a dry ice machine in my car) the car had a slight musky smell. No amount of air freshener made this go away. I even brought various different types like fabric freshener, plain old aerosols and the air vent smelly sticks. Nothing has worked as effectively as these Febreze ones do. They are amazing. The one thing I love is that the air freshener eliminates odours, it doesn’t mask them.

Savvy Circle were generous enough to send me six gorgeous samples which have since found a home in each of the family cars. I have three left and I am already considering stocking up! I love the subtleness (I know that’s not a word) of these! And they last forever, I’ve had mine in for over a month and it’s just half way there. They are SO easy to use, no fiddling about, just clip the front and back together and insert into your air vent! Thank you Savvy Circle for yet another amazing project!

Asda – £2.00

Tesco – £4.00

Sainsburys – £4.00

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*prices correct on the day of publishing