It’s that time again! The lovely girls at Savvy Circle sent me yet another goody to test out! As a hijabi, unfortunately I can’t show you the before and after pictures…but I can honestly say it works! I had heard of this product before but I don’t really tend to explore new hair products so I’ve never got around to buying it:)

So the first time I tried it, I was very dubious and hesitant. I followed the instructions in the starter kit and pumped the product six times into my hands. I then ran my fingers through my dry, unwashed hair and massaged it in. The instructions then state that one should comb their hair after application. I did this too and unfortunately I didn’t see much of a difference. Not letting this deter me, I decided to repeat the process on wet hair. Again, I noticed a little difference but nothing major.IMG_6450

I then decided to check out the Project Blog to see if I was doing something wrong. On the blog, a few people recommended upping the amount of pumps to eight. This made sense to me as my hair is generally longer than average, I decided to try is on wet hair first as that’s when it was most noticeable. I’ve got to say, I was amazed! Quoting my sister, my hair had almost double in volume. IMG_6445

So, would I buy Nioxin Diaboost? Well not for a while as my bottle is still nearly full. This is after several applications and demonstrations! So it’s safe to say it’s definitely long lasting!

A Nioxin Diaboost kit is available for £17.47 from

Or check out where else to buy it from here.

The Savvy Circle Project Blog