Assalamu Alaikum Sisters:)

This is a totally random post that I thought would be fun to write, I hope you enjoy reading this:)

Tip 1) Always Smile πŸ˜€ and be dignified

Hijabi sisters, whether we like it or not, are prejudiced against. A lot of ignorant people assume that our headscarves sucks the English out of our brains and therefore find it necessary to approach us (when absolutely forced to) in a very patronizing manner. I now find it funny when people do this. Therefore it is vital that we uphold our dignity and always smile. Trust me a smile is much more classier than a frown:)

Tip 2) Hijab doesn’t have to be boring!

Many people have the perception that a headscarf should always be black. Up until recently, I shied away from colourful headscarves, and trust me when I say colours are much more fun! With that said, I don’t mean wear head to toe in mismatched colours, tie dye or patterns, sometimes keeping it simple is miles better.

Tip 3) Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Hijabi outfits can look plain sometimes, therefore accessories are our friends:) Big rings, chunky bracelets and long necklaces can all bring an outfit alive. Again, simple is best…no one likes the Mr T look;) I’ve bagged loads of bargains at Primark and H&M sales when big rings go down to as little as 50p! If I really like a ring that is cheap, but they don’t have my size, I buy it anyway and then wrap some thread around the back bit to make it fit.

Tip 4) Sharing is caring!

If you are fortunate enough, like me, to have a sister that also wears a hijab…share! This is a great way to save on space as you don’t have as many scarves, and also save money:) Apart from the everday blacks, greys and browns, you won’t realistically be wearing all the other colours on the same day so it works out for both of you. Just remember to look after a borrowed scarf, don’t tear it or get it dirty:)

Tip 5) The pin trick

I have heard this so many times, recently on Amena from Pearl Daisy’s video, if you don’t like using special hijab pins to pin your scarf under your chin, use a safety pin. No big secret right? Well anyone that has tried this will know that a safety pin can get stuck in your hijab therefore leaving big gaping holes in it. The pin trick is to add a bead into the pin before using it. This blocks the end part of the pin, and the hijab can’t get caught:)

I hope you enjoyed reading the above in sha Allah and feel free to share any tips below πŸ™‚