091So I recently purchased one of these smoothie makers and I have not looked back. Being the type of person that cannot stomach a breakfast until later in the morning, I thought I’d try making smoothies which are easier on the stomach, will keep me full, increase my fruit and veg intake and hopefully make me lose weight.

The blender works in a very clever way, the blender doubles up as a drinking cup. So it is a case of blend and drink. No dishes to wash, just a blade to rinse. In the box, you get two jugs, two lids and one blade. The blender itself has three settings; low, high and pulse. The jug has a 500ml capacity which is the size of a small coke bottle. The jug has indications on it to show the maximum level of frozen products, and the maximum level of liquid. This comes in very handy as you can get carried away 😉

Although most of the time I abide by the level markings, I have tried to add extra ice to see what happens and I was pleasantly surprised at my cold coffee turning into a coffee sorbet. Being a lover of fruit coolers, frappuccinos and slush puppies, I could not wait to try a drink with ice in it. I have to honestly say, I was not disappointed a single bit! Because I didn’t have much fruit in the house when I first brought the blender, and because I was waaaay to excited to wait, the first thing I tried was Rubicon Mango with ice. The ice was crushed into perfectly small slush and thus forming an incredibly refreshing drink.068071

Another recent favourite in the month of Ramadhan has been watermelon juice. I blitzed the watermelon up with a little water and then sieved it to get rid of the seeds. I’ve also tried a ferroro rocher milkshake which tasted even better than the ones I normally pay £3+ for in dessert places.


Some of my favourite ingredients to use are frozen berries, kiwi, spinach, ginger, pear, strawberries and bananas.

I want to try using avocados, frozen mango and broccoli.

I would definitely recommend this smoothie maker to everyone as it is strong, versatile, no-drip, can crush ice and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The healthy smoothies taste amazing and make you feel good, whilst the not so healthy ones are just divine!

I purchased it from Argos for £19.99 and I opted for a 3 year warranty for an additional £7.49 for peace of mind.