As a Savvy Circle member, I was privileged enough to take part in a project about the Viakal Limescale Remover. I was super excited, not just because I was intrigued by the product, but also because it was my first time ever to take part in a project of this nature.


Anyways, once I unwrapped the lovely parcel that Savvy Circle sent, I was eager to put this to use. I purposely waited for a build up of limescale and put Viakal to the test. My first impressions of the bottle was that it was quite minimalist, which kind of made it resemble an industry cleaner as opposed to a household product.

Whilst cleaning the bathroom, I was firstly taken aback by the smell of the product. It almost smelt very damp and resembled a locker room. not letting that deter me, I squirted the product as per the directions on the bottle and waited to see it the product lived up to its expectations. Viakal can surely remove limescale! It removed all of the watermarks on three of our bathroom mirrors with minimal efforts required.

The only downside of the product I would say, is that although it removed limescale on the taps, it lacked the ability to make the taps shine like many other household products, both branded and non-branded. However, the product description does state that the product leaves a shine after regular use.

photo 2
photo 3

I guess the million dollar question is…would I buy the product? Well, I would to get rid of watermarks, however it is a slight bit expensive for my budget as I have come across cheaper products that do the same job.

Viakal is available for £3.20 from leading supermarkets:




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