Firstly, I can safely say that the fuss is all necessary. I have been privileged enough to hold the Blackberry Z10 (pronounced zee 10) in my hands at the Blackberry 10 launch. Re-designed, Re-engineered and Re-invented it certainly is:)


Without sounding all gushy, the phone is so smooth and spectacular. the main features that are ah-mazing are the Blackberry Hub, Blackberry Flow, Real-time processing, the Story Maker and the Camera (to name a few.)

The Blackberry Hub is a collaboration of all things social. It consists of  emails, calls, texts, Facebook, Twitter, BBM and many more notifications and updates.

The Blackberry Flow is the cool feature that allows you to navigate around the phone with one thumb. Everything on the phone flows so that is the very aptly named Blackberry Flow. Blackberry Flow also allows your to ‘peek’ at he Blackberry Hub with one right swipe of the screen.

Ever tried to watch a Youtube video which has been interrupted by a text message? So, you open the message and find that the video was paused and is now taking FOREVER to load up again. Or have you ever been watching a documentary on Channel 4od and are forced to sit through the several ads? Well with the real-time processing of Blackberry 10, you simply swipe the screen up and get on with what you need to whilst the ads run;) Simple!

The smooth design of the Z10 ensures that the phone sits comfortably in an adult hand (mine tend to be on the smaller side so plenty of room for me.)

The Story Maker allows you to make a short film consisting of pictures, music, credits and a title. No more waiting hours for video making software to compile and prepare your film.

The Camera is in a league of it’s own. It is super sharp and super fast. there is a mode what allows you to capture several pictures and just in case you don’t manage to capture the one with the open eyes first time around.

I am this excited and I haven’t even seen the physical Q10 yet! Although, being the owner of an iPhone I admit I am more attracted to the Z10 with it’s virtual keyboard. I know many people have said that it’s too late for Blackberry as the market has it’s leaders, but I think otherwise, Blackberry has produced the game changer. Far from being the phone just for teenage girls that spend countless hours on BBM,  the Blackberry 10 is a sleek smartphone that will appeal to a wider audience.

So bye bye RIM and hello Blackberry, They promise One Brand One Promise. Oh and how can I forget? A warm welcome to Alicia Keys as the new Global Director.

I look forward to seeing what else Blackberry have in store for us. I believe because it’s amazing 😉