We all endeavor to pray five times daily and in sha Allah pray that we get to visit the Holy Kab’ah at least once during our stay on this Earth. Unfortunately, the sad reality is many people don’t get the opportunity to perform Hajj. From those that are fortunate enough to, only Allah knows how many people’s Hajj is accepted. Well when I found out that spending less than two minutes on Dua-e-Jameelah, after my salah, would in sha Allah allow me to gain the same reward of Hajj, I was thrilled.

in sha Allah may Allah SWT accept all our zikr and call us to his house for Hajj. Ameen

The Credits of Dua-e-Jameelah

There are numerous credits of Dua-e-Jameelah. Here only few are stated.

That who recites it after Namaz Fajr gets credit of Three hundred Pilgrimages: equal to that of Hazrat Adam (Peace be upon him).

And who recites after Namaz Zuhr gets credit of five hundred Pilgrimages: equal to that of Hazrat Ibrahim (Peace be upon him).

And who recites it after Namaz Isha gets credit of one thousand Pilgrimages: equal to that of Hazrat Musa (Peace be upon him).

And the one who recites it after Namaz Tahajjud gets credit of one Lakh Pilgrimages: equal to that of The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him).

It is stated

That one day, while The Holy Prophet was sitting in the Mosque of Al-Madinah, Hazrat Jibrael came and said that ” The Almighty Allah quoth Salam and said that Dua-e-Jameelah is being send for thine followers”. Holy Prophet enquired, “How much is the credit for it?”Hazrat Jibrael said,”Whosoever recites it or keep it with him, his sins; may it be like foams of rivers or like the sand of desert or equal to leaves of trees, shall be forgiven and at the time of death the pain shall be eliminated by the Palm of Almighty. And an Angel would protect him in the grave till the Doom’s Day. And the one who recites it at the time of breaking the fast on the fifteenth Ramadhan and it does not know how to recites but keeps it in his hand and recites (with abueation) Darud Sharif eleven times, get boundless credits and the Almighty Allah will fulfill whatever his need be. If recites it once in lifetime on Doom’s Day will cross Pul Sirat without difficulty and enter the Paradise. Then said Hazrat Jibrael,” O Mohammad (Blessing upon you)! Warn your followers against the Fire of Hell.”If I state the full greatness of this prayer, masses shall give up all prayers and observance of fast. It is sufficient to say that whatsoever recites this Prayer or keep it with him will be safe from every magic, get enemies befriended. And whatsoever recites it or keeps it with him, his face on the Doom’s Day will be bright like the Moon; and the atonement of missing the prayers will be forgiven; and while in a journey will not feel lazy in saying the prayers; and when he shall rise from his grave on the Doom’s Day people would say, ” Which Messenger of God is he?” Then the Almighty God would say, “He is not a messenger but the one who recites Dua-e-Jameelah with earnestness, that is why this gift and survey is for him,” And Allah the merciful shall grant him the entry into Heaven on the day of Judgement.


Alhamdo Lilla-he Rabbil Aalmeen wal Aa-qehato Lil Mattaqeen was Sala-to was Sala-mo Ala Rasoolehi Mohammadinw-wa Aa-lehi wa As-ha-behi wa Ahle Baitehi wa Az-wa-jehi wa Zurriya-thei Ajmaeen Be-rahmateka ya Arhamar Rahemeena.


Ya Jameelo Ya Allaho Ya Qareebo Ya Allaho Ya Ajeebo Ya Allaho Ya Mujeebo Ya Allaho Ya Raoofo Ya Allaho Ya Maroofo Ya Allaho Ya Mannano Ya Allaho Ya Dayyano Ya Allaho Ya Burhano Ya Allaho Ya Sultano Ya Allaho Ya Musta-aano Ya Allaho Ya Muhsino Ya Allaho Ya Muta-aali Ya Allaho Ya Rahmano Ya Allaho Ya Raheemo Ya Allaho Ya Haleemo Ya Allaho Ya Aleemo Ya Allaho Ya Kareemo Ya Allaho Ya Jaleelo Ya Allaho Ya Majeedo Ya Allaho Ya Hakeemo Ya Allaho Ya Muqtadiro Ya Allaho Ya Ghafooro Ya Allaho Ya Ghaffaro Ya Allaho Ya Mubdiyo Ya Allaho Ya Rafeo Ya Allaho Ya Shakooro Ya Allaho Ya Khabeero Ya Allaho Ya Baseero Ya Allaho Ya Sameeo Ya Allaho Ya Zahiro Ya Allaho Ya Batino Ya Allaho Ya Quddooso Ya Allaho Ya Salamo Ya Allaho Ya Muhaimeno Ya Allaho Ya Azeezo Ya Allaho Ya Mutakabbiro Ya Allaho Ya Khaliqo Ya Allaho Ya Waleeyo Ya Allaho Ya Musawwiro Ya Allaho Ya Jabbaro Ya Allaho Ya Hayyo Ya Allaho Ya Qayyumo Ya Allaho Ya Qabizo Ya Allaho Ya Basito Ya Allaho Ya Muzillo Ya Allaho Ya Qaweeyo Ya Allaho Ya Shaheedo Ya Allaho Ya Moti Ya Allaho Ya Maneo Ya Allaho Ya Khafizo Ya Allaho Ya Rafio Ya Allaho Ya Wakeelo Ya Allaho Ya Kafeelo Ya Allaho Ya Zaljalale wal Ikrame Ya Allaho Ya Rasheedo Ya Allaho Ya Sabooro Ya Allaho Ya Fattaho Ya Allaho La Ilaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kunto Minaz Zalemin was Sallalaho Ta-aala Ala Khare Khalqehi Muhammadinw wa Aalehi wa As-ha-behi Ajmaeen Berahmateka Ya Arhamar Rahemeen.

The Meaning of Dua-e-Jameelah

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.
All the praises are due to Allah who is the Fasterer of all the Worlds. And the blessings of the hereafter are for the righteous, Peace and Blessings be on the Apostle of Allah, Muhammad, on his progeny, his companions, his family members, his wives and on all progeny thereof. Thou are Beneficent and Merciful.

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

O Virtues! O Allah, O Near! , O Allah, O Wonderful! O Allah, O Acceptor! O Allah, O Benevolent! O Allah, O Virtuous! O Allah, O Obliging! O Allah, O Dyyan! O Allah, O Reason! O Allah, O Mighty! O Allah, O Helper! O Allah, O Obliger! O Allah, O The Greatest! O Allah, O Benevolent! O Allah, O Merciful! O Allah, O Clement! O Allah, O Knower! O Allah, O Bountiful! Allah, O Great! O Allah, O Majeedo! O Allah, O Wise! O Allah, O Powerful! O Allah, O Forgiver! O Allah, O Forgiver of sins! O Allah, O Creator! O Allah, O Exalting! O Allah, O Appreciater of Thankfuls! O Allah, O Knower! O Allah, O Seer! O Allah, O Hearer! O Allah, O The First! O Allah, O The Last! O Allah, O Appearance! O Allah, O Essence! O Allah, O Pious! O Allah, O Protector! O Allah, O Watcher! O Allah, O Great! O Allah, O Creating! O Allah, O Possessor! O Allah, O Artist! O Allah, O Tremendous! O Allah, O Living! O Allah, O Expander! O Allah, O Abashing! O Allah, O Energizing! O Allah, O Existing! O Allah, O Giver! O Allah, O Eliminator! O Allah, O Abasing! O Allah, O Sublimer! O Allah, O Guardian! O Allah, O Helper! O Allah, O Great and Merciful! O Allah, O Shower of the way! O Allah, O Sober! O Allah, O Opener! O Allah. There is no God but thee thy Glory extol verily, I have been of the wrongdoers. Let there be blessings of Allah upon the best of the created. The name of whom is Mohammed; upon his family and all his close associates be your grace O the Merciful of the Mercifuls.

in sha Allah may Allah SWT help us remember this daily.