Who I am

My name is Farrah Abbas Sheikh and I am based in the West London area. I have been designing and developing websites for a few years now. I am a hard worker and totally honest, if something is going wrong…you’ll be the first to know. From what my clients say about me, I’m a pleasure to work with. I like to take life with a pinch of salt so you won’t see me flapping around and getting stressed out, I’ll just complete your site so smoothly you won’t even know!

What I can do

I can design and develop your website, I can create you a logo and I can increase your search engine rankings. I can create you anything you require from an e-commerce site to a business portfolio. My websites are all made with WordPress, which is a content management system (or a CMS in techy language) so that you can easily maintain your own website. With that said, I am always an email or a text away just in case you lose your way!

I also offer hosting packages at incredibly competitive prices, and can set you up with a personalised email address. I’ll buy the domain name of your choice for you so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What else I do

I am a bit of a busy bunny:) I love to read, cook and write my blog. But most of all, I love to sit there for endless hours coding away to perfect my websites:) Sad but true I’m afraid. I love tinkering around with things that are broken and it’s not unusual to find me with an appliance that I may have taken apart.

Who I work with

Anyone and everyone really! No job is too small for me. I don’t have a price list because I understand every website is different, so for a free quote just get in touch! I am always looking for new projects to work on.

If you are a charity, get in contact as I like to do my bit and will offer selected charities my services absolutely free of charge.


It’s never easy saying goodbye and branching off into the big bad web by yourself, so I’ll stick around to help you out. After the handover, feel free to drop me an email or a text message with any queries and I’ll be happy to help, who better than the person who coded the site!

I like to keep in contact, so you can expect a few random emails just to see how you are getting on.

The Process

This is normally how “the process” goes:

  • we discuss your requirements and I get a gist of what you require
  • I mock up a brief design and you give me feedback
  • I do the housekeeping by setting up your domain name and hosting
  • I fly with the design and create your site

It’s really as simple as that!